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How's This For A Kick in the Ass?

So yeah, because I tend to leave some lesser interests to persue larger ones (ex: Suikoden) I totally missed the forced disbandment of Silver Ash. I mean, They're pretty decent as they are you know, good music, decent image, but the government of China literally banned them. They can't sell merchandise anymore, they can't perform anymore. It just makes me glad that Dir en Grey is Japan-based. So yeah, upsetting.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, they've decided to form a new "pop" group called TOY. Who names a group TOY, first of all? And second, pop? I mean, did they even listen to their music before? NOT POP. ROCK, CHILDREN... hot damn, give me a break. *watches the Shinya being a whimp clip a few times* Phew, needed that.

And as for my search for the Child Prey PV: Jesus! Now I have to watch Shinya being a whimp again! UPSETTING! Gush! I need a tylenol now.
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