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Intelligent Conversation

Fantaisie Bleu: I'll be like "what's diru" and they'll be like *crucify*
Brute Locke: heh heh
Brute Locke: even I couldn't stop that one
Fantaisie Bleu: Shinya scares me
Brute Locke: me too, babe, me too
Fantaisie Bleu: he looks like the failed experiment of an evil not so genius genius.
Brute Locke: and there's more, he's obsessed with his two dogs... I forget their names... but they are the ugliest scrawniest things I have ever seen
Fantaisie Bleu: those aren't his dogs, honey, they're his parents.
Brute Locke: I almost woke up my mom, I had to surpress that laugh so much
Fantaisie Bleu: I can't help it ;.;
Fantaisie Bleu: he's so creepy
Brute Locke: he is very.
Brute Locke: my babies Totchi and Kao make up for it tho
Fantaisie Bleu: I have this feeling if I met him he'd crawl up into my nostrils and lay his eggs in my chest.
Brute Locke: eeeeew
Brute Locke: oh sick
Brute Locke: *blows nose*

Note 1: Of all the members of Dir en Grey, Shinya is easily my least favorite... I mean, one of them had to be, it just didn't have to be this easy. And really, all of this was fueled by a few shirtless pictures of him... (please, Shinya fans, don't kill me)

Note 2: Juice's lack of DEG knowledge only made this that much funnier.
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