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These giant fucking beasts

I'm almost finished with this game. Almost.

No picture....

... because he's a giant bitch. I just want to say, though... After fighting this guy, I felt like I totally owned this game. You have to stay on Agro for most of the fight, just making Dirge chase you around. It was cool. I wasn't sure on the trick at first but man is he creepy when he surfaces. I wish I had a really good shot of it... Anyway, once I figured it out, it was easy and I felt totally skilled because I looked awesome. Even Tom, who hates admitting I'm better than him at any game, was like "That looked super cool."

Right... So.. Every colossus after number three just got bitchier and bitchier. This one included. One thing I love about the colossi is how slow they are and that I have time to run away and think about the situation before I get my ass killed. This guy wouldn't let me though. He was so fucking fast. Huge and fast. And mean. And powerful. He kept knocking me into walls and off cliffs and... oh man... he was not a piece of cake. Who the hell is going to think of getting him to crash into the fire alters? I did it on accident while hiding to heal. I figure that has to be how everyone figured it out. I'm also pretty lucky I landed on his back when I jumped off the cliff... otherwise I think it would have been a lot harder.

Ok, Hydrus (the eel) was creepy. But I know why he was so creepy. THEY WERE PREPARING PEOPLE FOR THIS THING. WAAA~AAY creepier. Just swimming out to him made me almost cry. Then you have to spend half the battle in the water... UNDER THE WATER... Just to avoid getting shot and to swim around to his back. I did not enjoy this fight. The area was so beautiful, though. I found it by accident while looking for Celosia but didn't think I'd be fighting anything there. I thought at first it was just scenery but realized I could climb over that pillar. Didn't like the water, though, especially not during the cut scene showing him under there. I climbed up his back, didn't see the symbol so I just started slashing around in frustration and hit those nobs up there. Again, figured it out by accident. I'm not talking about it anymore. Figure out the rest yourselves.

I could die of so much happy with this fight. Another fight where I got to ride around on Agro for most of it. It was pretty easy to figure out I had to shoot it down, then just on one of his dragging wings, then climb down his back. Omg, he was HUGE. And NASTY. Sad part about it, though, was that he never attacked me. I felt really bad about having to kill him. Like... REALLY bad.

After Celosia, I was so ready for this one. Only for this fight, I had things to jump on and places to hide. Just climbing around helps you figure out that you need to get him to knock over pillars to move him around the area. Jumping on his back at the end was hard. Holding on was even harder. Tom's gonna have a blast with this one.

I love this guy. He's another big, slow, weapon-bearing idiot beast that I found easy as pie. After I accidentally found out that you need to get him to stomp on the stones along the sides, It was just one easy step after another and he was out so fast. The castle he was in was beautiful, too. I have a thing for beautiful ruins. This game made that awesome for me.

So now I'm on the last one. I haven't tried again since last night, but I'll try it later. I will kill this thing and I will beat this game. And then I will play it again. This colossus is one of the few that I don't feel bad at all about killing. He shoots me all the time. It sucks.
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