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For the win

Tsubasa Chronicle is far cooler than previously decided. I thought it was cool enough what with all the CCS characters... but dude... I'm watching the third episode and Sorata and Arashi from x/1999 just showed up. That is the most badass shit I have ever seen.

And I can't beat the final colossus. I finally get to him (which is a chore in and of itself, let me tell you), climb all the way up his skirt, get to his second hand and then... nothing. I fall and have to climb back up again just trying to find a way up, across, around... ANYTHING. I've shot like 1400 arrows into this thing trying to find a third weak spot, too. I refuse to look up how to kill it. I'm sure I can do it... someday. I'll try again tomorrow.

Also, my computer has been acting up. I really hope it's going to keep it's shit together.

Oh right, and Setsu got me a SuJu poster. Now I have to find a place to put it.
Tags: ok we can!, v. games
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