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Another sad update

Finally. My mother has three nights in a row on. This gives me time to RP... and make backed up requested graphics (and also catching up on my icons for daily_icon <.<)... and watch shows I've been missing out on.

Speaking of, I watched a few episodes of Ouran... because I'm so behind on that that it hurts. And I watched the first episode of Love Truly cause... Min Ki is love. I needs my Min Ki to live.

See, see:

He's lovely~

And since I like to look back at these colossus posts and bask in my coolness:

Omg... He was just as bad as I thought he was gonna be. The swamp, the dark water, the pillars... everything about this fight creeped me the fuck out. It took me like ten minutes of walking up and down the spiral tower and seeing him glowing under the surface to finally work up the nerve to jump in the water. Then I chickened out and stood on the platform for another ten minutes, talking myself down. So I finally jumped into the water, dodged the horns, grabbed it's tail and as soon as it dove under I let go and swam back to the platform. I felt like such a woman. Then I finally did it again, worked my way up it's tail and got killed by the damn electric horns. Nice. Try again, Liz. So I tried again, took out the horns, then it dove into the deep end and I almost wet myself. I panicked so bad that I swam all the way back across the lake and sat on the platform for another seven to ten so near tears I could taste them. I hate dark water so bad... But then I hopped back in, grabbed it's tail, walked back up and stabbed that bitch to fucking DEATH. Needless to say, he's the only one I haven't returned to to fight again. Fuck that shit.

After the eel, I was ready for anything... and this guy gave it to me. He had a trick, he was powerful and fast... he was awesome... but jesus fucking christ was he ugly as hell. Every time he pulled back to shoot at me I cringed. Ugh. But it sure was fun chasing him and leading him around the arena and shooting him down. Even more fun was leaping off the third or fourth story into the center. Woo! He was fun.

That picture does not do this bitch justice. He's so fucking huge... I spent a while just circling him to see how long it would take me to do it. The trick to kill him was easy enough to figure out. I saw his feet glowing long before I even tried to lure him over a geyser... But after he tipped, it was all cake and pie. Some people told me he was the toughest one... If that's so, then this game is gonna be easy from here on.

... except next is the sand worm. While it's not under dark water... some people have worked him up as very creepy... So I am concerned.
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