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A Few Orders of Business

First off, while my mother was going through five night of not working, Woo had a couple lives. Thought I'd share a few here:

Woo Hyuk - live - One Way (12.24.2006 Inkigayo) (HD) --> DL
Woo Hyuk - live - One Way (12.24.2006 Inkigayo) (HD) (encore) --> DL

Next order, I spent twenty minutes earlier walking out to and killing the 6th colossus, so here's the next three.

I was so sad at how easy this guy was. As I was walking out to fight him (after getting lost twice in swamps and almost falling off a cliff), I saw this beautiful field where the sun was shining in. There were four entryways into a small underground system and after walking through it a few times I figured out I'd probably have to trick this thing by popping in and out. And that's all there was to it. I woke his ass up, led him to the feild, jumped int othe far entry, ran around to one of the side ones, hopped back out, waited for him to crouch down, then climbed up his tail and stabbed him until he died. Easy. He looked really cool, though so I felt so bad. This has to be one of my favorite of the six fights so far just because the environment and colossus were so awesome. I've already rode out there two more times to fight him again. He's just that cool.

This guy was a fucking bitch. Well. No. Not really the colossus so much as the area he's in. First off, I was scared out of my balls walking in there because it's a lake swamp ruin type deal with the dark water and the mossy pillars. No thank you. So you swim out there, climb some, drop some, then after all that shit, he just sits there. So you shoot him. Alright, so now he's circling the area. So you shoot him again. Now you get to wait for him to swoop down on you then jump onto his shoulder. And then, I shit you not, stab its wings. AND IT'S FREAKING FLYING. YES STAB ITS WINGS WHILE IT'S FLYING. Brilliant, game makers. Fucking genius. But now he's dead so I laugh smugly.

Probably my second favorite one so far. It was a little creepy that the fight started out with him right next to me, but he was easy to figure out after about thirty seconds. I wanted to jump on his hands cause they're furry, but after a few failed attempts I just ran for it. I cleared all three walls and climbed under the pillars to think for a minute. Lucky for cowards, that's the trick. He bend over to look under there and then you run out and grab onto his bead, climb up, stab his head a few times then fall down his back and finish him off there. My father watched me ride all the way out there (I thought for a little while I'd be fighting something in the sand, but I had to go beneath the building) and then kill it and said the game looked so boring until I found and killed the colossus. The game realy is beautiful, though.

So I've spent all afternoon making SotC icons on and off. It's gonna be an awesome set of like... 100. I'm excited already. Know what I'm not excited about? Next colossus is the electric eel. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it.
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