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Jesus Christ

Fucking finally. Five days off? No way ma. Thanks for going back to work tonight.

Well, as I said, I got Shadow of the Colossus for Christmas. The game is so awesome and so much better than I thought it would be. And it's so super cool... I haven't even played past the third colossus (because I got lost looking for number four and ended up in a ruins with a swamp and it was freaking me the fuck out) and I already place it in my top ten games of all tme.

Colossi that I have destroyed already:

The first one and the easieast. I was still getting used to the controls so I did die <.< but he was really easy once I figurewd out you had to jump up on the fur of his leg and stab him in the back of the knee. My stamina became a problem because I kept playing it safe.

In comparison to the first colossus, this guy was crazy fun and easy because I was used to the controls and the environment was easier to deal with, and he was a lot slower. His big attack was far less damaging, too (I think I only got hit because I thought the horse could get hurt but he can't... I know that now).

First off, he was a bitch to get to. You have to ride out to this mountain, climb through it where there's no sun so you can't use your sword to check where he is, and you come to this like... lake... in the middle of the mountain. There's like this collapsed ramp off the side that you need to swim out to and climb all the way up. There's this huge platform hanging over the middle of the lake. There's only one way up (the collapsed ramp), and once you get up there's he's sleeping. So he wakes up and starts at you. It took me so long to figure out you need to wait for him to do one of two swings with his sword, then climb up the sword. He was challenging but once you get the hang of it, he's pretty easy.

So that's what I did yesterday.
And Setsu called the day before. Her voice is so cute. Steph and I were like "<.< She's really like this..."
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