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Steph and I received letters in the mail today from the cute and squishy miss Setsu. We decided that meant we needed to hang her cards on the back of our door and take pictures of everything.

So here's pictures. We both show up in here, so it's worth it.

The cards.

Mine. She drew a little stick figure of dancing Woo on there. I died of cute.

Steph's. It came with stuff.

The stuff. That's steph's skirt in the back there.

Steph on my bed.

I had to move my blonde wig, so I put it on one of my many Tony monkeys.

My treasures.

This is getting buried with me. Probably the most important thing I own.

I got a new bag~

Steph's twin Tom.

Because no picture update is complete without Big Tony.

Steph again.

And one more of her to wrap things up. I can't say what she's writing cause it's a secret.
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