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I know everything around here has been Woo lately, but...

Baby, I missed your smile...

Woo Hyuk - live - One Way (12.10.2006 Inkigayo) --> DL

I'm not sharing this one anywhere else just yet cause I'm depressed. I can't find an ok version of his Musicbank perf from the 10th. I found a really HD one but the sound is off and the video jumps. Not cool. It's sad because the intro isn't Mr. Jackson, it's a remix (kind of) of Last Game (the last track off his new album)... and he does One Way really live for real. I need it. I only get so many months of Woo out of every year and he'll be going off to the army soon, so I need this live. For real.

And he's gonna be on Heroine 6.

... you know... with Bin.

I want to watch it cause it's Woo, but the very thought of those two in the same room together makes me puke on everyone's shoes.
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