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Lot's of peple are friending me lately. I guess this means I really am just that super cool, and I'm not just blowing heat out my ass.

I passed through to the final two of my very first LIMS (last icon maker standing, for those of you not hip to the icon-making groove). If I win this... Ok, if I win this, I'll post my icon meme and make everyone icons. I want there so badly to be a korean music LIMS. I guess the only way to do that is to make it myself and never participate. Besides, I don't think there's enough korean music icon makers to push that kind of community. Maybe I'll run a poll. Yeah. Like right here.

For those of you unsure on this for lack of knowledge, a LIMS community works much like a standard icontest, but you sign up for it at the beginning of a round, then everyone who signed up as to make an icon every week. One icon (or sometimes two depending on the number of participants) is voted off every week until you're down to the one supreme, last icon maker standing. It's fun, really.

SO. Go, go... permanent account features...

If there happened to be a korean music LIMS in existance, would you participate?

Yes, absolutely
No, LIMS are uncool
No, some other reason
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