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The Ultimate Disgrace

WARNING: This entry isn't made for people who get bored of me easily. Just skip it otherwise. Unless of course you're really into me making an ass of myself, then by all means... Oh yeah, and I mention Gackt *cough*

Yes, lads and ladies. I, Oulan, have condemned myself to an eternity of hellish torture with one simple click of the mouse. You see, I hate Gackt. His voice. His style of music. The very fact that he exists. This may be because I am so used to my Dir en Grey boys... or it may be because his voice sounds like a screaming banshie on crack whose mother was a half breed of elephant and turkey... BUT WHATEVER THE REASON, it still all means I don't like him.

So where did it all go wrong? Well, the first picture I ever saw of him looked like a sausage boy in a white hair piece, so that may have also contributed to the feelings I have now... But this morning, in my search for the Child Prey PV, I was tempted to gander into a rather evil-looking Gackt gallery and I saw one of the sexiest things I have ever seen... like IN MY LIFE. (And this coming from me isn't pretty big... I mean... I'm in love with a fricken guitar.)

This goes right up there next to the time I said Brittany Spears was hot without realizing it was her and then tried to excuse myself out of it by insisting she looked like a femmey guy... only Gackt scares me so it makes no sense. *UBER SIGH* I just want to curl up into a ball and cry for a little while... excuse me... *does so*
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