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Well this sucks

According to my mother, Christmas is a write-in this year. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't... oh well. I won't say I'm not upset... but I'm not mad and I don't feel cheated. Things are pretty hard around here so I guess I'll just be happy if Charlotte and Pat conveniently found somewhere else to be while the rest of the family is miserable.

There were things I was going to ask her for, but I'm not even going to mention them to her because I know she'll cry. First, and probably most importantly, I crave and need Woo's concert DVD. Last year, I asked for Shadow of the Colossus but I didn't get it because I got a new PS2 instead. There were just more important things to me at the time. So I never got it. I wanted it again around my birthday, but my mother brought me to a concert instead. Again, more important things. I was thinking of asking for that again this year. And then there's Final Fantasy XII, which I've been nagging her about since my birthday, but I guess I could really live without it. These are just a few things that would please me greatly in a world of shit and grief I get from living here.

On a complete side note, I was downloading H.O.T clips of ancient, looking for anything I didn't already have, and I came across this gem:
H.O.T & DBSG - clip - 03.09.2006 KM H.O.T VS DBSG
Download and enjoy. And laugh at the comparisons... cause Kitty =/= Kangta. Ever.
Tags: chotitimes, cuntflaps, gunblades don't fire, v. games
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