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Kang In sex

haengbok05: so you wanted me to write you YoungJae porn 1000000 years ago, and i made many attempts which all turned out to be crap and got thrown out. so now i'm wondering what you'd think of HyukOon instead, because it's almost the same but not =D
Degac Creep: heh heh
Degac Creep: uhm
Degac Creep: I need to know the difference before I agree to it
haengbok05: the difference is....
haengbok05: kangin's the uke somehow
haengbok05: o-o
Degac Creep: no *blocks ears* no way lalalalala no no no no no
haengbok05: ahahahahahahahahahahahaa
haengbok05: okay okay fine
haengbok05: such a difficult moogle you are
Degac Creep: well think about that for a minute
Degac Creep: no really
Degac Creep: in a sex-type situation that involves Kang In in any way, all other guys suddenly become as chickish as like... Hee Chul
haengbok05: XDDDDDDDDDD
haengbok05: except with shindong
Degac Creep: no, different chick example
haengbok05: shindong always tops kangin
Degac Creep: let's say Sung Min
haengbok05: yay
haengbok05: =D
Degac Creep: now imagine if you will, Min topping Kang In
haengbok05: ...
Degac Creep: yeah
Degac Creep: laughs all around
Degac Creep: it's just not... natural
haengbok05: XD
haengbok05: okay fine
haengbok05: XD
haengbok05: now i can't get that weird picture out of my head
Degac Creep: but yeah you're probably right Shin Dong would totally top him
Degac Creep: even though Steph made me remove that pairing from my head
haengbok05: why? :0
Degac Creep: cause we're in this rp together
Degac Creep: she's Shin Dong and I'm Kang In
haengbok05: AHAHAHAHAHA
haengbok05: OMG EW
Degac Creep: so after she joined she was like "Look, Liz..."
haengbok05: ahahahahahhaa
Tags: ok we can!, the logs of chat, trufax
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