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A few things

iryokuatae is taking me to see Dir en grey in February. That's pretty awesome. He's too good to me. I should do something for him, but I don't know what.

I made a set of JTL icons two days ago... but I have yet to post them. WTF, Liz.

I need to enter more icontests today. I managed four last night but that's still like six short for the week. I think I should maybe drop out of some of the deader ones I'm in... it's no fun if I win every week because so few people enter.

Still want these shoes.

I'll be on for a few hours now, but my mother has tonight off, so...

Also, news on my mother's van says it can't be repaired. Ever. My father spent the evening cutting me down about destroying it. Like I went out to buy tampons that day and on the way back decided that I didn't need to get home and use them, but instead crash the car just to piss off my parents.

Oh, right, almost forgot. I wasn't aware that I was a mod at house_of_trust... so... I felt motivated yesterday and changed the layout... I also uploaded all my group Candy pictures and posted them there.

Ok one more thing: I can't believe the Hope MV still gives me chills. How many years has it fucking been? Just... something about bloody near-dead Woo...
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