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My Boob

There's like ten to twenty other things I should be doing right now... but I'm not... because I'm uploading and resizing pictures...

Well here's 27 pictures of kittens, my shit, and me (yes, brand new beautiful pictures of me). The ones of me include one of my boob. I just stuck the camera down my shirt and took it, so it's not frontal, but it's still fleshy. I thought I'd give you guys warning because I have no idea who is looking over your shoulders right now.

All the kitten ones are before that, though, so if that's all you want to see, you can skip those ones completely. Why you'd pass up a glimpse of my boob, I'll never know.

Sass, the little man, Bitten and my bag. I'm on the computer in the back, but you can't see. I can only assume this was taken by my brother.

Steph and Jae. And holy shit look at the evil catness in the back.

Mom and kids

Up-close Jae

Up-close Hae

Baby Mr Oon. Yes, that's my arm.

I took another one because these were for his future mother.

Su's colors are coming in pretty good on her face. This is the one without a home. Look at that face. Tell it you can't take it home.

Cutie baby Hae~ This kitten is going to my brother, and he's naming her Lulu. I won't fight it cause it's cute.

This is a "die of cute" moment. Enjoy it.

A pile

Another pile

One last pile

My closet door, previously unpictured because I'm slowly covering it in pictures to cover up the stupid shit Charlotte, Steph, and myself have written on it over the years.

Part of the room that wasn't included the last time I posted pictures of it.

The best movie ever made

There it is again

The chair covered in my crap... and yes, my pokedex. Shut up. It was cool when I got it.

Miss Sass looking particularly evil. And my H.O.T playing cards. H.O.T junk for the win.

What's left of Hee Jun. A few weeks back, charlotte ripped him off the wall and we've been trying to get him to stay up ever since. It's not working, as you can see.

Inside my closet. Fear the randomness.

More diet beverage

Here starts the ones of me. Check out my awesome feet and adorable toes.

Yes, that's it. My boob. The fleshy, blurry top of my 36 D.

And last, a hole in my pants. And hip flesh.
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