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My computer is going under. Slowly. Every few weeks something else goes wtf on me. This time it's my interweb. Every now and then the computer decided it's going to shit all over my browsers and close AIM, Slsk, and whatever else internet-dependant programs I have open and I'm forced to restart. Upon restart, things seem better, but I know something is going on.

Ok, on to the weekend. As most of you (especially if you actually read my journal anymore) know, I went over to iryokuatae's for the weeked. Adventures were to be had.

To start everything off, he spent the weekend accusing me of feeling him up because every time I went to buckle my seat belt, my hand brushed his leg. I tell you right now, I was not feeling him up. Then, when we went to see Saw III, I sat right next to him because I knew that movie was going to scare the shit out of me. Again with the accusations.

PS: Saw III was fucking gross. If you, like me, have this big no-no thing for sticking out bones, forget this movie and move on. I almost threw up like three times. It was really fucked up, totally unpredictable... to a point... and so fucking gross. God was it nasty.

We saw a play of Dracula on Sunday. They kept letting off these loud bangs and after the first and last ones, I went fucking deaf. There was this woman to our right somewhere... half way through the show she and her friend got this fucking mountain of nachos that was bigger than both of their heads combined. And this woman has this laugh... I'm sure most of the people in the room wanted to kill her dead by the time the night was through. Anyway, so during the third act, Dracula popped back up in the audience. Right. Fucking. Next. To. Me. He went in the other direction first, but he turned and looked at me. Honestly, I almost wet myself. I even said that in a small little voice. "I'm gonna pee." And I had just gone to the bathroom... so that's pretty bad. Anyway so he walked right up to the table, staring at me the whole time, then turned and went over to the laughing chick andb it her neck. I let out this sigh of relief like a heavy wind or something. I don't know why it scared me so much... he's just a scary guy. Anyway, so after he bit the nacho chick, I said very loudly "Ha ha... he got the laugher". It was good. Then the little squishy guy came into the audience, screaming at people and what have you. He jumped over the tables behind ours then jumped down onto the floor, looked up at me and just crouched down next to our table. He was touching my leg. I was ready to kick him. Overall it was a fun experience.

We watched three Hellraiser films this weekend. 2, 3, and 6 I think. But not Bloodlines. That's sad cause that's like my favorite one but no video stores had it anywhere. WTF.

Ok so yesterday... I got off the phone with Steph cause she was being a god-damned douchebag again and I decided to devote a few minutes to taking a nice long shit. Doesn't fate hate me and I clogged his toilet. After three flushes, he asked if I broke it. I said no. After flush four it all went down and for that I am grateful. He then proceeded to tease me the rest of the day about how I unclogged it with my hand. My thought every time he mentioned it was like "does this kid no nothing about me and my history with shit?" cause I tell you, there was no way in hell I'd stick my hand in there... not even in my own shit. No.

But everything cleared up.

Ok, I think that's it... oh wait, we went to see Jackass 2. It was what I expected. Except I didn't think Bam could cry... that was kind of awesome.

Now I have a shitload of stuff to do. I have to finish my icon awards transfer, catch up my Teuk icons, post my multifandom, enter two LIMS, enter a buttload of other icontests, send iryokuatae all of my Woo files, upload all the requested files I missed while I was away, and a few other listed things I can't really remember right now.

I missed you guys~
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