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Hmm... interesting... But you're still a dumbass

So I was randomly browsing about the graphics boards on some of the forums I currently have accounts on... and came across this little gem:

What a dumb fucking cunt. Not only was that comment completely fucking rude beyond human understanding, but you're very, very fucking wrong.

PSP is not crap. Everything in my graphics journal was created using PSP. Everything. Except one icon which I made while trying out PS7 but it turned out like crap. Why? Because I don't like PS, find it annoying, and refuse to use it unless I have to. But it's not crap. Most of the graphics makers I know prefer and use PS, yes. Because of this fact, I've come to the conclusion that PS is not crap.

PSP is fully capable of handling anything I feel the need to make.

So shove it.

Sit your ass right down on that and rotate, you retarded, over-opinionated, rude fucking douchebag.
Tags: cuntflaps, trufax
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