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WTF? and New Layout

First, I finally finished Kingdom Hearts II last night. Level 82, sixty-something hours, complete synthesis list, 97% journal complete... Finally decided I'd stop fucking around and just beat it. So I did. Then decided I was going to play it through on Proud mode. Got to the first save point and didn't I fucking save over my god-damned level 82 file. Yeah. Liz is smart. I sat there for a minute in silence and Steph asked from the top bunk "Uh... did you just save over your file?" and I was like a step from tears but I just laughed. I've been kicking myself over it ever since.

Next, I went into the bathroom about an hour ago and there was, I shit you not, lettuce floating in the toilet. There was a minute of silence on this one, too. I still have no idea how or why it was in there.

And now for the real reason I'm updating...

New layout

I decided finally, after two months, I was tired of looking at Kang In's sexy fucking face. And then I figured it was time for something not kpop related in any way. So it's Nuriko. The Paper Chase lyrics. Red. Purple. Pinkish. It's beautiful. Had to recode most of my sidebar. Other than that it's the same basic code again. Still sexy, though.

Song Download:
The Paper Chase - You Will Never Take Me Alive
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