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More Kitties~

Finally got my camera and computer to agree and uploaded all my pictures.

Some of you may remember from the last litter a little gem that I called Vanness. Well, he's living with my father now and my father brought him up here for the weekend so all the three from the last litter hung out. I took pictures of the two boys playing cause they're just so cute.

Ok, so lots of kitty pictures and a bunch of the new babies.

Taken a few days ago. Sass, Su and Jae.

Really creepy Sass.

More babies~

Sass again.

Look at baby Hae lovin' on my toe~

And now the boys.

I know you're wondering. Yes. I really do drink that much diet beverage.

There he is. All grown up.

Sleeping kids~

Baby Hae again. She's very pretty.

Ok, on to the pictures I took just now. Here we have a pile.

Her eyes are opening and I wanted to get a picture, but it wasn't happening.

Close up on Oon. He has a home already. Lucky bastard.

Messy Jae.

You can see Su's colors getting darker. Her paws are messed up, though. She won't be pretty like Sass.
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