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Just Awesome

It figures that the one day my mother isn't going to be home for hours in the morning, nobody is on. Yeah. Awesome.

Made a bunch of icons this morning.

Downloaded a few albums I've been looking for.

And my god-damned computer won't let me upload my new baby pictures.

acony_icons has over 100 people watching it now. I am pleased.

On a more personal rantish note, my mother is going out to the IRS place in Fitchburg this morning. They told her yesterday that is she brought her paperwork in there, they might be able to allow her to get her paychecks again. I really hope it works because we need some food... and to pay some bills... and I need some fucking cigarettes.

Miss Sass is sick again. Still crapping all over her poor little self.

Good times.

PS: Check out my cool new icon.
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