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The final word

Degac Creep: ok I don't know what made me do it
Degac Creep: but I just watched the O MV
BlackInAzkaban: it was all Kitty
BlackInAzkaban: and Liz's thoughts?
Degac Creep: two good things about this video
Degac Creep: 1. Xiah's dancing TOTALLY upstages Yunho's... even though they're... yet again... pushing Yunho as "the dancer"
Degac Creep: and 2. Kitty
BlackInAzkaban: I did notice that his dancing had greatly improved
BlackInAzkaban: or they chose a dance, that would make life easier for him
Degac Creep: Yunho, I'm sorry, but his "moves" are exactly the same as the last time I saw him dance
Degac Creep: like... whatever time that episode of him and Woo on LL came out
BlackInAzkaban: mmhmm
Degac Creep: and they suck just as hardcore
Degac Creep: Xiah... sexy

PS: the song sucks, too.
Tags: the logs of chat, trufax
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