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Another random entry because I have nothing better to talk about

First, I'm already sick of hearing about it. Yes, it's tragic. Yes, he's an idiot. Yes, some fans suck ass. But people, really. How in any shape, way, or form is any of this affecting you personally? Like really affecting you. Are any of you sick yourselves? Having to take time out of your day to mourn/visit him? Are you having to comfort any of them because some bitches "said some bad things"? No. So get over it. Stop taking all of this as a direct attack to yourselves. Your a fan, not their fucking sister. If you drank glue or if someone threatened you, you wouldn't expect people halfway around the world to go into an uproar, would you? No. So shush. They'll get over it and before you know it, more shit drama and angst will start up. So save your god-damned energy.

Second, I went to see Grudge 2 today. Kind of freaky. Thought the freakiest part was when the school chick went to see the therapist at school and the two chick classmates showed up. I was like wtf. I kept that vague so I wouldn't spoil it too much. I guess I didn't really understand the ending. Everything after the point where SMG's sister went into the house and saw the husband is a complete wtfjusthappened to me. And I have NO clue what was going on with the kid in the apartment and his sister and freaky step mother and... whats with the guy with the keys? I mean really. At one point I thought it was starting to make sense... but then they threw that crap with her mother in there and I was really fucking lost. The time line was tripping me out, too. And why, oh why, did they do that to the hot journalist? ... He was just so hot. And cool. And nice. I wanted one... of him. Hot journalist.

Next, Woo. New pictures. Very sexy.
Lots of crotch.
Ask me over AIM and I'll share them all.

And finally, I leave you with sexiness:

Oh, PS: I passed through the first round of my very first LIMS. I feel good about that.
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