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I can't even BEGIN to describe the beauty of what I just saw. Not ten minutes ago, I got back from seeing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (another HOLYSHIT because I spelled it right this time). I just... I can't... IT WAS MOTHERFICKING GORGEOUS. Like, every second of it was sexy beyond what I have seen.

You see, my favorite book is PoA and my favorite character is Sirius... SO YOU CAN IMAGINE THE HORRIBLE WAITING I WENT THROUGH FOR THIS. And my mind didn't really register that I was there, watching it finally until we almost got kicked out when my sister swooned when Draco howled like a woofie.

And speaking of woofie, the fight between Padfoot and Mooney was like, the sexiest thing I could have ever imagined them to do in the movie. Toward the beginning of the film certain scenes left me with an "oh" feeling because they didn't entirely follow the book and the acting seemed... well... hmmm... especially aunt Marge... she was a little off. But the movie picked up after that and the extra scenes that hadn't been in the book (ex: Dean, Seamus, Harry, Neville and Ron eating candies that made them make animal noises) really made up for it.

But they never explained that James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter were Prongs, Padfoot, Mooney, and Wormtail and that I found to be a very important part of the story. Like, without knowing that Lupin was Mooney, you wouldn't have found humor in the expression he made when he saw that Harry had the map.... it was priceless. Plus, its not exactly one of those things you can figure out on your own... the fact that the rat is "Wormtail" still throws me.

And when Harry made the stag patronus... I nearly died. It was so beautiful. And on that note, when Harry rides Buckbeak around the castle toward the beginning, that was beautiful too. I couldn't even UNDERSTAND the gorgeousness of this film. Hermione threw me though. She reminded me of Baby Spice with her whole "Girl Power" thing... and they made so many references to a Ron / Hermione relationship that I half expected them to just start making out at any moment.

...but that is NOT what this movie is about.

Gary Oldman (who plays Sirius) is a small god. I was upset when I first found out he was playing my baby because Sirius is supposed to be this grunged up handsom fellow and I didn't see that in Gary but after watching the movie, I see I was very wrong. A hairbrush and a decent suit and he's good to go. GOD I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT MOVIE, which from my sources (my sources being my sister and her frequent visits to various Harry Potter sites) I found they are making it as we speak.

Goblet of Fire... its gonna be smexy. So yeah, did you know that Tom Felton (Draco) is quitting his acting career to become a fisherman? Tres fucked up, if you ask me. All I can hope is they make the fifth movie (because there are doubts in the industry whether they'll continue after Goblet of Fire or not) because that I believe will be Sirius at his best. Sure, he dies, but it will be something worth watching. I know I'll cry. I know it.
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