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The kittens were born two days ago... I spent a lot of time yesterday taking some pictures of the new babies. I totally got away with naming them after KangTeuk and HyukHae. Who is cool? Liz is cool.

Also some old pictures of Miss Sass from when she was a baby that I never uploaded. And a few random ones of Steph and the little man.

Miss Sass and the little man when they were just itty babies. Miss Sass was a little wench.

Close up on the Sass.

Look how much puff is involved there. She was so cute~

She used to be obsessed with that lamp. She's too big to sit under it now, though.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

My mommy and the Sass now. This is from last week sometime.

Another one of them.

Sassy's butt. I took this while she was sick last week.

And now for the new babies. The messy one on the left is Hae. Messy on the right is Jae. The grey one is Oon and the white one escaping at the top is Su.

It's hard to see, but it's Su. Su is a girl.

Jae. It's really really skinny. Jae is also a girl.

Hae. Kind of... glarish... and blurry. But oh well. Again, girl.

Jae and Oon. Oon is the only boy. Not surprisingly, that's the one I named after Kang In. Cause... Kang In... a chick? No.

The group again. Check out Hae's pretty colors. Check out the KangTeuk closeness.

Su again. She'll be siamese like many of the kittens before her. She already has the dark coming in around her ears and nose.

Skinny, messy Jae.

Beautiful, messy Hae.

Oddly (and not Kang In like at all), Oon is a very quiet baby.

Another pile.

Shot of the mom. Jae's looking pretty sat-on down there.

She wanted me to stop taking pictures and just pet her.

The little man being a totaly dork off.

My mother's cat, Little Bit.

Steph and the little man.

Steph touching my things.

Ok, that's all I have for now.
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