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Camwhores are sexy

Well, hello~

I should be working on Dong Hae icons... but I'm lacking motivation. Instead, I made 15 Hotohori icons last night which turned out pretty ok. 98 people watching my icon journal~ I credit that mostly to the fact that I recently started affiliating with other icon journals.

I cleaned up the communities I was in. Dropped out of something like 14. Just didn't need all that extra crap.

Found a download of Humming Urban Stereo's 2nd. I've been getting a lot of the music I set out for lately. Izi, Iche, SKY, Ftone Sound, JuJu Club... which reminds me, I need to get my hands on Ftone Sound's 1st. I think I know somewhere I can get it. Maybe later. I haven't downloaded a whole lot of music in the past month or so... just like... Bae Seul Gi's 1st, Big Bang's singles... I think that's it.

Ah, I'm bored.
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