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Yeah so life isn't all that great

Earlier this week I finally snapped and threw a soda can at Pat's head. He had it coming. Nobody can say he didn't have that shit coming. He was just bitching and bitching and I had a can in my hand and... yeah. Right in the head. Shit went down but I didn't get in trouble. And I got to scream at him for like 30 minutes... and hit him in the head with a can so... yeah, I'm cool. And I feel like a small god of some sort... a small... can throwing... cool hat wearing... god.

We have no money. My father was a tard and fucked with the IRS and now they're after my mother. They've taken her entire pay check two weeks in a row and they took her tax return earlier this year, too... and that was going to be around $12,000. We needed that money to get a new kitchen floor, fix the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, and repair the heater... because if we don't we'll be fucked for heat this winter. She also wanted to fix the driveway and get screens for the bedrooms upstairs. But no. And we're out $1,600 because they took her paycheck twice. We are seriously living off the $300 we get every week from my father for child support and the $50 Charlotte is required to give my mother for rent every week (which is total bullshit, anyway... $50 for two people? No). We can't pay for the god damn house because they say she owes them $5,000 and if they keep taking her paycheck, we won't be able to pay ANY bills, not even touching the internet, electricity, heat, water, etc. We are so fucked. Luckily, my father drove up here earlier this week and refiled his and my mother's taxes for that year and sent them out... and that cost him like $179 or something. I laughed cause it's his fucking fault we're like this right now.

Uhm... what else... Oh, my cat is pregnant again and about ready to explode. And Miss Sass is sick and throwing up everywhere and shitting all over her poor furry self. She's just so little and miserable, sitting on the end of the bed looking at me like it's my fault she feels sick or something. I really love you, Miss. I wouldn't make you sick...

Stephanie is being a god damn dirty whore again. She's always hanging around Charlotte and Pat and making fun of me behind my back. Mocking me. She sucks. And she's totally using me for cigarettes and company when Charlotte is pissed at her, just like it was when they lived here before. I can not spend all my time with Tom and my mother. I just can't do it...

... so I've been playing a lot of video games. I am fucking up Kingdom Hearts II... and by "fucking up" I mean "totally pwning that shit hardcore" only less nerd-like. Still can't beat Sephiroth but I think it will forever be my curse to fail in that fight.
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