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Because I really am very cool... despite what you may think

I feel bad about ranting... so I'm gonna share some of my Super Junior picture spoils from the past few days... Because I can't do very much for people these days, but I can give you image happy.

Oh he is just the cutest thing.

TeukMin~ (or some other mix of a name) My love for Teuk pairings is turning out like my love for Hyuk pairings... they just all seem right... except anything involving Hee Chul or Ryeo Wook.

YoungJae or bust.

Ok, scratch the previous statement. He is just the cutest thing.

Something seems very different here... but I like it... and I want more of it.

It's like I want to but I can't fight how fucking cute this is.
Tags: imagery, ok we can!, picspam
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