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I think I'm finally done with Dong Bang Shin Gi.

I haven't downloaded anything by the group in ages, including saving any pictures... with one exception. I downloaded their new album, but it never made it past being downloaded. I saw the zip file sitting there about and hour later and I threw it out. I haven't heard it, but I know I hate it. And I haven't seen their new MV but I know I hate that, too. And I don't feel bad because it's come to the point where every time I see Yunho pop up in name or face on my friends page, I have this unbelievable urge to close the browser.

I've decided that a genius mix of his absolute and utter gay ego retardness and their equally as gay retard fangirls has forced my hand and I must make it stop.

They make me hurt, and I don't really know why, but if it doesn't pass soon, I'm seriously throwing all my DBSG shit out, leaving all the comms and I may even speak to some of you rabid fangirls less if that's all you're gonna talk about.

In the meantime, if any more of you decide you need to fangirl over their new MV over AIM... don't do it to me. I will block you, delete you from my AIM list (including any and all of your aliases), ban you from my journal, remove you from my friends list and bitch about everything you've ever done wrong in a special entry just for you.

I feel no remorse for your sad little existance.

Alright, that's all I had to say.
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