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Yay Pictures~

As most of you may know, I moved from the red room to the blue room a few weeks back. I had to move all my beautiful posters, too, and I never took pictures of the new setup. So I just wandered into my room with my camera and took 27 random pictures of all my crap. And there's one of my chest... clothed but still my chest. And some of kitties. And a few of the red room now that it's free of my posters.

Ok, on to pictures.

These are mostly all posters from the old room. Big Tony, Persona Kangta and Chinese Bi all suffered serious damage when my brother ripped them off the walls. Tony was creased, Kangta got ripped at the top and on the left side where Tony was removed and Bi is torn almost right through the middle. Yes, that is my underwear hanging on the doorknob.

Shifting over on that wall, you'll find some more familiar faces from the old room. That Kangta couldn't fit next to my bed like before, so he got this wall instead. It's sad, but I don't care. Yes Tink (I love her), yes Digimon, and yes that is Beyblade behind the TV... but the old, first season of Beyblade... before it got gay and changed animation style.

A nice large shot of that wall. You can see my mushroom wind chime a little better there.

Behind the door dwells pirates. One from each movie... actually, that's the second Dead Man's Chest one I got cause I can't find the one my mother got me for my birthday... The one she got me had more people on it. Toshiya rasterbation I've had for fucking ever. I suggest everyone gets one. They're just fun. Google it.

The random crap on the back of my door. Some of that is so ancient... Note, if you will, the 40 year old tape around the outside of Duo and the fact that that's a promo ad for Prisoner of Azkaban. Plus, do you have any idea when those H.O.T ads came out in magazines. Yeah. It was a while ago.

Turning around a bit, here's a lot of new additions to the walls and my sexy shelf of sexy things. Tony and Woo posters are from people who love me. Can you tell I like H.O.T yet?

First sexy shelf. There's a lot of random crap there. Teapot. Doll. Wooden grasshopper. Squall. A lot of random crap.

Next shelf down. There in the front is the light up Journey pin I got at the concert. And hey now... what is that sexiness off to the right? Photobook~

Bottom two shelves. The top one there is mostly just my writings and notes and shit and the rolled up poster is one that is going on the outside of the door when I get some good tape. On the right there... yeah, DBSG photobook. Bottom shelf is cds and games and all that fun stuff. I didn't take any pictures of all my PS2 games, but they're off to the right of the shelf.

Better angle of some sexy H.O.T shit. That chair is covered in my clothes.

The bed structure. Top = Steph, Bottom = Me. Note the random tony and Jun Jin posters. Yes, that is where I sleep. You can have proper fantasies about me now.

Better shot of my little dwelling there. I've been collecting and adding to that mass in the back there for like five years. There's some good memories there. To the left are my beauties that I sleep with every night.

My beauties that I sleep with every night. Look at all that Woo.

No seriously, look at all that Woo.

Concert tickets.

Inside my closet. Clothes everywhere. Check out my hot pink underwear. Those discs are the real treasure, folks. There's more behind that big stack, too. That's all my shit. All my backup... all my H.O.T, movies, shows, anime, etc.

The poster from the door in the old room. As you can see, it has suffered some serious damage over the years. It'll go back up with the other one.

My bag. I changed my buttons around since the last time it was photographed.

Random crap on Steph's dresser. Cola. Candles. Keys.

My chest. My shirt says Pirates. I'm glad to see the black an blonde have not completely faded from my bangs yet.

My hat is sexier than yours. Don't fight it.

Little Miss. Or Miss Sass. Or just Sassy. If you remember the kittens from the last litter, this is the one we named Micky. She was really fugly when she was born. My rug cleaner there... not put away cause I'm lazy.

Quincy Archer... or whatever Charlotte and her asshole boyfriend are calling him these days... Helix, I think is how you spell it. Also from the last litter. We called him Min.

The Miss again. She's so pretty. My sexy shoes in the back there.

I went into the red room (where Tom now lives) and woke up evil. This is my precious baby Psycho. Two different color eyes. Evil. Haha at Tom's flower blanket.

The 50 year old computer I had to leave behind when I moved. Sexy Bi mousepad, Liz. Soda cans everywhere. tom's a slob.

And here's the tacks that held up Big tony and Persona Kangta... still in the wall cause they were ripped down.

Alright, that's it. Envy my shit.
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