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I love my Woo~

Here's a cut of Woo's intro dance on Love Letter:

Woo Hyuk - clip - 09.23.2006 Love Letter Dance Cut

I cut it to include the dorks after, too (Miss Shin = all my lovin').

If you don't already know how much of a dance god he is, or if you haven't seen the show, or if you have but just think he's sexy, you should download and watch this.

Newest dancers (they have to be Newest, why would he dance with anything other than his own?) are so fucking hot. And even if they're not Newest (again, I don't know why they wouldn't be), they're still hot and people should look at them.

He comes up with the oddest routines sometimes... but he just looks so good in a suit.

Please do not share this out because it took four tries to get my cutter to work and I like to keep my shit mine, thanks.
Tags: chotitimes, trufax
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