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Another Meme

Stolen shamelessly from scylladakylla.

Movie soundtrack for your life. The rules:
1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle
2. Scene one = first song played, scene two = second, so on.
3. No cheating/skipping
4. Pass it on

Opening Credits: Disturbed - Liberate (so is this an angry film?)
Waking Up: JYP - Cheoeum mannan namjawa (groovy)
An Ordinary Day: JTL - Fast Loving Kids (I guess I have sexy days)
The First Date: Clazziquai - Cry Out Loud (perfect)
Falling in Love: H.I.M - Advice (hmm...)
The Rumble: H.O.T - OP.T (if we really rumbled to that, I would choke and die of sexy)
The Break-up: NRG - Pyonji (awwww...)
Getting Back: Shinhwa - Brand New (ahahaha)
Life's Okay: See-saw - Obsession (song's kind of dark for everything to be ok... but maybe it's a dark kind of ok...)
The Mental Breakdown: Chae Jung Ahn - Moo Jung (song would make anyone insane... so ok)
Cruising: Koyote - Passion (hot)
The Flashback: Soul'd Out - Interlude - Like the birds, like the clouds (ahahaha)
Everybody Dance Now: Seo Taiji - Livewire (hot)
Sex Scene: Big Bang - This love (ok, I can see it)
Regretting: Baby VOX - Missing You (could be less perfect, but then it wouldn't make sense)
The Long Night Alone: Tei - Making Love (OH TEI YOU HURT ME)
A Death: Harisu - Bimil (well... it does sound a LITTLE sad)
End Credits: JTL - One Night Lover (my movie RULES)
Tags: memeish tendencies
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