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Messages in chatlogs

BlackInAzkaban: so how're you feeling?
Degac Creep: like crap
BlackInAzkaban: what have you been taking?
Degac Creep: everything
Degac Creep: I threw up
Degac Creep: and then sneezed
Degac Creep: while throwing up
BlackInAzkaban: AHH!
BlackInAzkaban: that's so bad
BlackInAzkaban: I know that feeling
BlackInAzkaban: so you're going to be smelling vomit for like months
Degac Creep: probably

In other news, I got a certain photobook in the mail this morning.

band AppA: i heard it was pretty
band AppA: i'm buying it with my next check
Degac Creep: oh man
Degac Creep: it is GORGEOUS
Degac Creep: I even said that
Degac Creep: out in the driveway
Degac Creep: I was like
band AppA: xD i feel like i should buy it now...
band AppA: 8D *afraid it will sell out*
band AppA: xD *dies*
band AppA: <3
Degac Creep: it didn't say anything back though
Degac Creep: not that I expected it to
Degac Creep: but that would have been cool
band AppA: xD
band AppA: yes it would
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