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I just can't keep a LJ layout for long can I? Actually, now that I think about it I had that Luc one for like, three months or something... BUT IT WAS JUST SO CUTE. But I think there comes a day for everyone when their graphics knowledge matures (even if it's only mildly like me :D) and we have to leave Paint program projects behind us... like that background happened to be... just sixteen pictures of Luc all stuck together... in a cute, grid-like way OKAY I'M DONE WITH THAT!

So yeah, my brother "found" my Suikoden game. APPARANTLY it was in the Final Fantasy 7 box... which is rather convenient concidering the only game I played while my baby was "missing" was FF7 and I opened that box like... well... twice because there's three disks right? So, I'm sorry, if I'm gonna make up a lie about something like that I'm at least gonna try and make it convincing... and so now I hate my brother... BUT THAT'S OK CAUSE I STILL HAVE MY SISTER. And OMG Harry Potter tomorrow! (or the next day depending on my father's mood).

Mom's bringing me chili. Oh yeah. I LOVE NOT EVER GETTING HEARTBURN.

And OMG, I drew a picture of Jowy... and I appologize to Lady Chris again for stealing her thunder when it comes to the idea... BUT HER'S WAS JUST SO CUTE I HAD TO MAKE A SMEXY ONE TO GO WITH IT! So if anyone wants to see it, it's on the board. *Ahem* I'M SO SORRY CHRIS I'M SO VERY VERY SORRY!
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