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Movies and The Sickness

Went to the movies today and saw The Covenant. For what it was, it was pretty good. The effects during the final fight scene made me kind of meh a little bit. It was just the same shit over and over. It was a bit anticlimactic and inconclusive. It set itself up for more but never gave it. I was expecting a lot of people to get killed, but then the four who seemed like they would gave for the old crusty man... who was one of three mentioned deaths. One of the deaths didn't even happen during the movie, but before. For a movie completely holding to the histories of the families, very little was explained. There was more on the love parts than anything to do with their powers or families. I think my favorite character was Reid because they do a good job at making you want to hate him but he just comes off as totally badass. I don't think there was enough character development to satisfy me. If this was a series like on TV, I think I probably would have enjoyed it more because it just seems rushed as it is.

In other news... I am sick.

Degac Creep: I get sick like a man... just whining and bitching and wishing for death
haengbok05: hahahahahahaaa
Degac Creep: seriously
Degac Creep: whenever I have a cold
Degac Creep: EVERY time
Degac Creep: I tell SOMEONE that I would rather have itchy infected herpes sores all over my body than have a cold
Degac Creep: I fucking HATE colds
haengbok05: WHY
Degac Creep: being congested... it's just my hell

So pity me and make me things.

And I was sorting pictures this morning:

He's so cute...
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