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I've been in a sharing mood lately. I've been handing out whole picture folders to anyone who asks. iryokuatae got Ki Bum's, taylormercury got Dong Hae's, prince_eros got Sung Min's and my entire Epik High folder. Understand that I really love you guys. And I'm not a cruel person.

I was totally awesome over the past few days and gave myself a nice headache making what can arguably be called my greatest layout work ever. Thirteen banners and one master code. I am so good it hurts to be me sometimes.
--> See my utter coolness

It seems as long as you have a category with 13 or more items in it these days, you can compare it to Super Junior:

I try to understand it all but it just doesn't make sense sometimes.
But I do want to say that Sung Min = Eevee and Kyu Hyun = Togepi makes me want to aww all over my browser.
Aaaaand here's the point where I feel like a damn fool for knowing all of those Pokemon.

So every once and a while I would see an interesting anime name pop up on my friends page and since I'm a member of quite a few icon comms, I saw it there too... Ouran Host Club? I would see it and immediately think someone had something to say to me, only to be shot down horribly. So I felt it was my duty as a human to check that shit out. I've seen through episode like... seven... I have to say, it's not a bad show. Good characters, well put together, semi-interesting story... but there is just one thing I can't accept and sometimes wish to turn the show off... and that's when the twins get all incestuous with each other. Cause at first you're like "hmmm... gay love" but that IMMEDIATELY transforms into "GOOD GOD NO THEY'RE BROTHERS!" I want to put this down with Fujicest (Fuji/Fuji - POT), Elricest (Ed/Al - FMA), and whatever they're calling Fred/George shipping these days... as a BIG FAT FUCKING "NO THANK YOU". Even Steph was grossed out. Maybe I won't go on with the show.

Also, one more thing.

My baby, service_awards, is seeing hard times. Past few months, it's been dragging along the bottom of the world, just trying to live up to basic icontest standards. It's just finished up it's 64th week here at LJ. I would hate to have to see it die or retire it. I know you guys make icons and I know you guys like fanservice... so be a kind soul to my baby. I'll give you things. Like pictures. And files. And my children if I had any...
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