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Time For Talking

Regarding recent Super Junior lives, there are three things I wish to address.

1. Dong Hae
The boy is nuts. I mean, he's always been a little fucked in the head, but this is just wtf. Boy needs to take some medication and calm the fuck down. I know he's working the crack stage for two now, but really, even Hee Chul is watching that shit like "god damn boy..." Also. Is it so hard to get this kid some real shirts? No? Honestly? How about shirts that aren't cut up the back and maybe some that have two full sleeves. I don't think it's much to ask for. I mean, it's getting cooler out and the boy is going to want some real clothes.

2. Ee Teuk
Look... I have an unbelievable amount of respect for this man and I tend to let a lot of shit slide because of that. Plus he's really cute. He's got one of those faces you just can't say "no" or "boy, what the fuck is wrong with you!?" to. But these lives lately seriously have me reconsidering my "you're good, and I'm good, so we're all good" attitude toward the man. He's flopping and flying around the stage like he's got something to prove and unless he's scared he'll get dropped soon, he really doesn't have to do that. So he should calm down, too. There are 10 other guys (not including Hae because I already bitched about him) who could show a little more energy and give these two a break.

3. Violent Air Humping
The first time I saw it I went silent for a few seconds and just let it go because... you know... if that's what they want to do, that's what they want to do. But now they're throwing it in at inappropriate times and it's actually getting kind of disturbing. Especially Teuk. Like I didn't even know he could do that and now it's like breathing to him. Every time you turn around it's like "WOAH... ok that was violent..." It's just kind of wrong and I feel for them... because they think they have to do this and they don't.

On a far more pleasing note, I approve of DongTeuk, KyuMin, and HyukHae in all of the Dancing Out lives that they show up in and wish they would continue with that trend.

PS: The Dancing Out live I mentioned the other day:
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