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The Way It Goes

Finished iryokuatae's layout the other day and I thought I'd pump my self up by posting a link here. It's hot an I'm just fucking cool.

prince_eros, I uh... completely forgot what you wanted for yours. I remember what you said you wanted for your sidebar, but other than that, I'm lost. You can refresh me.

Also, Amy and I were looking at sad Chinese made Super Junior wallpapers the other day and I made some passing comment about how even I could do better than some of that garbage... and if anyone knows me and my history with making wallpapers, you'll know how bold of a statement that was. I think my most impressive claim to the wallpaper-making world has to be those two sexy Tony ones I made some time back. Other than those, it's been one beastly creation after another, so going into this project, I didn't expect much.

Except that now I use it as my desktop. Check it out:
It's not so bad, I guess...

It's because I made that that I couldn't use that image for my layout. Sad as it is, I knew I wouldn't be able to look at one picture always. Yes, it's a sexy picture, but no... too much. I'm not very good at large graphics and because of that I don't share them out with people, but I trust you guys and figured I'd get some love and feedback.

Oh and one other thing that's baffled both iryokuatae and myself:

EDIT: Also, I've decided that the perf of Dancing Out on the 29th is my favorite one ever. Even though they're in red again. If you haven't seen it, do. And if you need it, I have it. It's worth seeing.
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