Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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Live from my bedroom

Will showed up for like, ten minutes last night. Well, this morning, really, at like 3:30 and grabbed a duffel bag full of stuff. Then he whined at me for a few minutes about letting him borrow tekken 4 and I told him to fuck himself. He pulled the "but I bought it for you for your birthday" bullshit but in the end all my games remained here so WHOOHOO!

Tonight at 9 on A&E there's some special about Harry Potter and the PoA and I'm gonna have to watch it... because I love Harry Potter... well, its really all for the Sirius but meh meh meh whatever (props for the triple meh). AND ME AND STEPH ARE GOING TO SEE POA ON FRIDAY WHEN IT OPENS CAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE SO EAT MY ASS.
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