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Just some ramblings

Finally finished up with all the immediate layout work I have to do.

verrine // sleepy_baka
^ Both finished last week sometime, I think

I also got done with the KiHae one I had waiting. But it's not up on that person's journal yet. I'll show it off when it is. This person doesn't use LJ (or hasn't yet, anyway) so if they don't pick it up, I'll probably just offer it up to the masses. Someone will use it. I mean... come on... it's KiHae.

Also finished my layout for the layout contest but I'm not sure if I'm satisfied. I might work with the content text a little bit. Liz would be sad to lose.

iryokuatae, you should give me all your particulars, images, etc at some point so I can do yours next.

I also need to make my new one one of these days. I'm pretty sure of what I want to do... well, actually, I have two options... one would be very sexy and the other would scare people something horrible. It's a thinker.

And, one last thing:

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