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You guys... that Super Junior Theater thing... the second story actually scared me a little bit... The first one was like meh but the second one... jesus christ... I mean it wasn't like... WOAHLYSHITTHATWASFUCKEDANDNOWIPEEMYPANTS... but it was right up there on the totally B horror shorts list. Like... ok... the part that actually stopped my heart beating in my chest is when Kang In goes to leave one of the rooms and it shows Ryeo's corpse behind the desk. Ryeo can look really dead... and that is kinda awesome. And fuck me... that cut on Hae's arm... gives me the heebies. And the twist at the end... yeah, I can predict anything, but I didn't see that.

So points to SuJu for actually pulling off scary... because I'm sure everyone remembers Mystery 6 and how... not scary that was...

Points. Points, I say.

Juu~uust finishing up my icons for this week's FH. I think next week's show will be the last. I wonder if I'll find anything else to pass my time. Probably not... because I only ever find time to watch Super Junior shows these days and I'm sick of their faces. Not really but yes kind of really.
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