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What the eff

My brother beaned me in the head this morning with a cd case. I was laying on the floor, turned away from him when he picked it up and chucked it at me. It caught me on the left side of my head and the cds came flying out, slicing my ear in two places, between my ear and my head, and on my head. I couldn't hear for about a minute, but it's alright now. My ear is really swollen and sore but it's not bleeding. It's purple.

Then I had to go out an run like 14 errands for my mother. I don't and can't complain about that because it's like my responsability to help her out. But my head hurt so bad, especially when I got back. I think maybe I should lay down or something.

Aside, I know I haven't really said anything about Dong Hae or Hee Chul.
I guess I just don't want to talk about it.
Just don't think I'm all insensitive. I'm not... in the best of moods.
Tags: cuntflaps, ok we can!, shedevil, very personal
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