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WARNING: Movie spoilers for The Descent

Took Steph to see The Descent yesterday. She already saw it so I told her that if anything really gross was coming up, she had to tell me. And she had already tipped me off to there being stickin'-out-bones so I was kind of already grossed out going in there.

Aside from the five minutes I spent with my hands over my ears and my eyes so clamped shut I began to cry, while humming the fucking birthday song, I got through that movie and made it my bitch.

In case you were wondering, it was the stickin'-out-bones part. I can't deal with that shit.

Movie was pretty fucking scary, though. I really liked how the main chick just went insane after she had to kill her friend. That was pretty awesome. Not the killing friend thing, the fact that she spent the rest of the movie drenched in blood. And she like took a fucking bite out of one of those things. That was totally cool.
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