Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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Great News

Will hasn't come back yet... this is fabulous, as I know I've said before. I am constantly at ease and I do believe the tumor I was developing in my left buttock (due to him being such a god damn pain in the ass) has completely dissolved. This is great news. Maybe he died. I can only dream.

AHHHH! I feel good today. (Yes, this will be another five second "I feel good rant") I woke up about noon, FELT GOOD. Took a long shower, FELT GOOD. Ate some chips, FELT GOOD. Spent 5+ hours on the eweb, FELT REALLY GOOD. I plan to go to bed early tonight... it is just something that I need.

And... TIME. Ok, I'm done.
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