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A new law

If you sometimes call him Malebin because I've rubbed off on you, but you like Bin... knock it the fuck off. First off, if you're a Bin fan... I don't know why the hell I'm talking to you anyway... and I know there's a few of you reading this right now... but I'll get over that part. Secondly, "Malebin" is an insult. Even if you like Hee Chul and the nickname slips out... Don't do it if you like Bin. For the love of GOD, don't do it if you like Bin. That hurts me more than anything could right about now.

... To make this less ranty... a picture...

No, I'm not obsessed.

And I made a few more of those icons of myself. The winner:

Tags: cuntflaps, ok we can!, shit i handle, trufax
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