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That's it. I'm done.

This is a rant.
If you don't like it, don't read it... or at least don't start wank over it.
If you comment defending DBSG I will fucking attack you.

I hate DBSG fans. I'm so over this bullshit. This is why I can't stand being a fan of both DBSG and H.O.T and I hate it. God. Every time a DBSG fan compares the new to the old it's always about how much more skill DBSG has. I am... I am mad.

DBSG will never be what H.O.T was. I don't care how dedicated they are or how hard they try or how long they work at it. H.O.T is legend. DBSG cowers in the shadow of that legend. I say Xiah should get the hell out of there because he's too good for that. His skill far outweighs that of his bandmates and that inbalance is what makes me really believe that DBSG will never have what H.O.T had. With H.O.T, all of the members brought an equal something.

I give them... two to three more years. Tops. And if by then Xiah isn't a solo artist and blowing away anything the group could have done, I'll run through town naked.

The inspiration for this? What usually sets me off? Soompi. A poll about who did Iyah better. Just looking at the thread topic made my blood boil. What more, while H.O.T is currently winning with 118, there are 52 idiots who actually think that DBSG did it better. What the hell is wrong with DBSG fans? I know some of you are DBSG fans so hook me up with an answer here. What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Some quotes that make me angry:

"so yea vocally i think DBSK did a better job, original or not."
No, shut up. I don't even have a point to prove with that one. That person's a fucking idiot.

"i dunno it's just dbsg made it reallie different i liked it~"
Excuse me? THEY REMADE A SONG AND DESTROYED IT. Sure, ok, that's different.

"dbsk... mainly cuz Changmin and JJ do it better..."
Have they heard Kangta's solo in that song?

"umm dbsk for me, theirs is like the IN, i like the way they did it, sounds good"
I don't even know what that means.

"DBSK is better of course!!
but HOT is really good too.
Yunho`s rapping was so much better though<3"

I think my soul just died. All of it. You know what we call this? A HoTARD. The man has virtually no talent to speak of. You can't compare him to any member of H.O.T, let alone Woo Hyuk. I can't even... No, I'm stopping here.
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