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These two kittens are small beasts, they are. I mean, they don't understand yet that sticking their little razor-sharp claws into leg flesh really fucking hurts. My legs look like a general plague area.

Will dissapeared somewhere. Went over a friends house two days ago or something. This is fantastic in the wonderful world of Liz, you see... now I can pee with the door open again! SLEEP IN MY UNDERWEAR! YAAAAAAAAAY!

*Ahem* I attempted to clean my room earlier... and the piles of clothes counter-attacked to the point where I ran screaming from the room. I know it has to be done, but I share a room and she trashes the place! Maybe she should clean it.

I drew a picture... regrettably it was Harry Potter...

Oh yeah... PRISONER OF AZKABAN IN 4 DAYS OH YEAH BABY! My father said he's taking us opening night. Said he is buying the tickets in advance or something. That, my friends, is beautiful.
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