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So I got my icons done... but I don't feel accomplished... at all.

My birthday is in two weeks. Send me moneys so I may selfishly spend it on my warrior on Maple Story and make him look like a bright red pimp with chick hair.

Do it.

Someone should make me an icon from that SM Town video... one of Kang In winking. I'd do it but I couldn't keep that MV in the computer anymore. It was making my computer gay. And if there is one thing in my life that is absolutely not a complete fucking homo, it's this beautiful computer.

Note from Liz: Photoshopping the heads of the SuJu boys onto random pictures of Jun Ki is wrong. I have spoken.

Deal with it.

And HanHae is killing me. I'm so torn right now. I mean, I have always loved that pairing but I really try not to fuck with my OTPs. *Eyes HyukHae* I love you guys, really...

And one last thing.

I can't be the only one totally turned on right now...
Tags: imagery, ok we can!
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