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More Maple Love

Some more caps I took over the past few days of play. I haven't taken any of WejNamor yet... mostly just because he still embarasses me at this point. Maybe someday when he's cool... but for now... OOSHBAG! (Because everyone loves Ooshbag... ask Amy... it's true...)

Me kicking ass while Amy sits like a bum there. I think, actually, she might have been in the bathroom... but she was still mooching off my money and experience. <3 Amy.

This question pops out of Ooshbag a lot. People fucking gravitate to his hot blue ass.

It's true. And that chick between us... we don't know her. She just walked up and stood there. We called her Bada because she's hot.

Ooshbag seems pleased and Tonyah annoyed.

Look, more people. I capped this for the conversation. Ooshbag has named his sword "Leisha". Well now that I named her, I can't ever throw her away.

This was so funny when it happened. This guy was in a party with me and Amy... and Amy vanished so I was trying to get her attention. This guy popped up next to me just as I said "hey, lover". God... funny stuff.

I think we started to annoy him after a while.

All-exclusive solo shot of Ooshbag. I was collecting items for a quest in an area that none of my game buddies can go to for fear of death. So there I sat... alone... but hey, I'm level 22 now.

You guys should really download this game and play with me.
Amy, while cool, is simply not enough to off my jollies.
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