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The fun you're missing

So me and amykaidoh01 played some Maple Story earlier. Well, we really only played until she leveled up and then we exchanged some goods and talked for like 40 minutes in the middle of a huge, high-traffic, wooded area. Anyone walking through there got bits and pieces of some choice Super Junior conversation.

I made screencaps of us being dorks.

Note: I would NEVER save anything in this quality. These images save like this themself.

This was before we met up. I had just leveled to 20 and wanted a shot of my new gear. Anyone who has played with me recently knows this is so NOT what Ooshbag looked like yesterday.

We were talking about how much better Ryeo was than Malebin. We have secret love for him.

Making faces at each other.

Ooshbag makes an announcement for the world.

Amy's favorite face. We are such dorks.

We didn't get much done... well, other than her leveling up and me getting 30% of my next level by helping her train. And we also probably freaked a few people out. You guys should play with us sometime. I mean, the game is free, so why not?
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