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I guess... maybe I deserve this

With all the trash I've been talking... maybe this was just supposed to happen...



RONALDO! I don't care what anyone says... you aren't getting too fat and you are still a damn good player. You will always be what I look forward to in these games, and everyone loves you! Don't forget that. RONALDINHO! My ball-handling hero. You keep doing your thing, man. DIDA! My man. My favorite GK. I want to see you in 4 years, too. CAFU! Even though Steph always called you "Cat Food" I never did because cat food isn't all that cool... and you rule the world of soccer, man. ROBINHO! New blood! I'm sorry this World Cup didn't work out for you. I was cheering for you all the way, baby. KAKA! I will always have to laugh when they say your name, but I love when you come up because it's always when good shit is happening. ROBERTO CARLOS! I always repeat your name after the announcer because... it just sounds so cool.

And all the rest of you guys.

I love you guys.

*Hugs the whole team*

You guys can all come sit by Liz. Especially Ronaldo. Whoissonotfatshutthefuckuplosers.

Of course, now I'm pushing for Germany... who will always be the only team who can ever match Brazil in my tainted, biased little mind. GERMANY!
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